POWTECH ‘23: Italvibras launches an innovative and patented technology!

POWTECH ‘23: Italvibras launches an innovative and patented technology!

POWTECH ‘23: Italvibras launches an innovative and patented technology!

A new frontier

POWTECH vibrations all lead to one place: the Italvibras stand

From Tuesday, 26 September to Thursday, 28 September, the vibrating heart of POWTECH 2023 will be Stand 358 – Hall 4. Here, at the exhibition in Nuremberg, Italvibras will showcase its newest electric vibrator featuring exclusive and patented technology, poised to open up new frontiers within the industry.
This new model from the Italvibras product range underscores the company’s pioneering spirit, repeatedly confirmed since its founding in 1960. A trait that has led the company to become a leader in its field, standing out for its innovation, quality and services.
We look forward to welcoming you at POWTECH to share the experience of this world preview.

The exhibition


A must-attend event for anyone
involved in the manufacture, analysis and handling of powders, granules and bulk solids, as well as the handling and processing of fluids and liquids. POWTECH, which brings together key international players from various industries (from pharmaceuticals to glass and even foodstuffs), is the ideal setting for technicians, engineers, scientists and experts to develop cutting-edge solutions able to meet the medium to short-term challenges of the entire industry. This includes, for example, improving the energy efficiency of various processes or formulating strategic plans to facilitate an effective transition towards environmental and economic sustainability.

Where and who


POWTECH 2023 runs from Tuesday, 26 September to Thursday, 28 September at the Exhibition Centre in the German city of Nuremberg. The event is organised by NürnbergMesse, one of the world’s 15 largest trade fair operators (in terms of revenue). Moreover, NürnbergMesse promotes all of its events in accordance with the United Nations’ 17 sustainable development goals, and POWTECH is no exception. The event, therefore, is designed to minimise the environmental impact of the exhibition, respect the host community and safeguard the data and information contributed by its visitors. All of these are themes that Italvibras considers central to its development, making us proud to be part of an event of this magnitude and based on these ideals. If you are travelling from Italy and would like to visit us at Stand 358 (Hall 4), we recommend taking a direct flight from Venice or Bologna. Nuremberg airport, “Albrecht Dürer Flughafen Nürnberg”, is about 12 kilometres from the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre. After landing, the most sustainable way to reach the event is to use the metro: take the U2 line for eight stops to the central station, then switch to the U1 line for another six stops to the Messe station. The entire journey takes roughly 30 minutes.

" The new model in the Italvibras range not only reinforces our position as an industry leader but also adheres to the corporate mission imparted by our founder, G. Silingardi: ‘To continuously improve our products, investing in research and cutting-edge technology to offer all of our clients top-quality products capable of securing a significant competitive advantage.’ POWTECH 2023 is the ideal stage on which to showcase this innovation; it is a must-attend event on the Italvibras calendar and, above all, allows the opportunity to present – to the very audience for which it was designed – a product capable of revolutionising the handling of powders, granules and bulk solids "


Latest news

3 reasons to see us at POWTECH

Still unsure whether to go to POWTECH?
Here are three compelling reasons to book your flight and visit our stand:

1. As we already explained, you cannot miss the event of the year in the electric vibration motor market: the unveiling of the latest Italvibras model.

2. POWTECH is an international exhibition with 477 exhibitors and about 8,000 visitors (2022 figures) from all over the world. Furthermore, the exhibition serves as a gateway to the European market.

3. The event covers all aspects of handling powders and bulk solids from fine nanoparticles to coarse stone materials, as well as the processing of fluids and liquids.

one more thing


Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria and the economic and cultural centre of Franconia. The city has been the stage for numerous pivotal events in both German and world history. The coexistence of innovation and tradition is thus what gives Nuremberg its unmistakable flair.

Zum Albrecht Dürer Haus
Obere Schmiedgasse 58, 90403

Located in the historical centre of Nuremberg, a stone’s throw from the Nuremberg Imperial Castle. Enjoy the delights of traditional Franconian cuisine, such as the famed pork shoulder with potatoes and sauerkraut.

Restaurant Opatija
Unschlittplatz 7, 90403

Chef Max Kandel’s tireless efforts produce meals with a perfectly balanced traditional and, at the same time, modern feel. Bavarian cuisine blends with traditional Istrian, Croatian and Slovenian food to create a truly unique dining experience.

Park Plaza Nuremberg
Bahnhofstraße 5, Mitte, 90402

The Park Plaza Nuremberg is situated in a prime location in the heart of the historical city centre, but opposite Nuremberg Central Station. It is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to attend POWTECH but also doesn’t want to miss out on seeing this incredible city.

Arvena Messe Hotel
Bertolt-Brecht-Strasse 2, Südoststadt, 90471

The Arvena hotel, which is only an 8-minute walk from the exhibition centre, may be the preferred choice for those who want to dive headlong into the POWTECH experience. If you want to reach the city centre, the nearest metro station is only a 10-minute walk away.

Deutsche Bahn Museum
Lessingstrasse 6, 90443

Not everyone knows that the first railway line in German history opened in 1835, connecting the city of Fürth to… Nuremberg! The main installation at the Deutsche Bahn museum spans nearly two centuries of German railway history and includes some real gems, such as Germany’s most famous steam locomotive, the “Adler”, built by the Stephensons from Newcastle upon Tyne specifically for the Nuremberg-Fürth line.

Memorium Nürnberger Prozesse
Bärenschanzstrasse 72, 90429

Between 1945 and 1946, Nuremberg was the scene of one of history’s most important trials: that of the Nazi hierarchs who survived the Second World War. Today, visitors can see the courtroom where the trial took place, as well as a memorial retracing the key events throughout the entire trial process.